Hunger Action Month

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yep--my stomach is really growling!!

Day 3!! I awoke this morning to my stomach actually growling!! I had some tomato juice (I didn't use all of it (intentially) in the chilli I made on Sunday) this morning for breakfast along with a bowl of instant oatmeal. My son called last night and wanted to know if I was "cheating"?? I said no and proceeded to share with him the thoughts all of us are sharing in the blogs. I visited with my 16 y/o grandson on Monday evening while watching him "wolf" down a foot long subway sandwich. I must have been watching intently every bite he was taking, because he excused himself and went in the other room. He commented he couldn't possibly see how anyone could eat on $25 a week--'gosh gram, sometimes I spend that on a meal'!! I, of course, invited him to take the challenge with me---he pretended not to hear me and I haven't seen him all week. I'm experiencing a bit of indigestion from eating chilli more than twice a week and am finding myself daydreaming about eating fruit and munching on carrots. The teachers I have visited with tell me they can spot a hungry child in their classroom. They don't pay attention, experience sleepiness and don't focus real well. I am relating to that. This challenge has been really good for me. I have been guilty of not appreciating nutritious food and believing it was a matter of "choice" that some people don't eat healthy food. I still believe in many instances that it is a choice for many people but no longer do I believe it's a choice for HUNGRY people. It's a matter of just filling the emptiness in your child's belly and doing the best you can do with the amount of money you have.

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Justice598 said...

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who even attempted the challenge. A lot of people don't want to know. It's easier for them to sleep at night, so I appluade your courage.

I am a single mother of 3. I work full time, and attend college full time. I am what you consider the working poor.

My situation got bad last Dec. I started skipping meals for 1-21/2 days so that I would have more for my kids to eat. I felt guilty every time I ate. I felt like that was food I could have saved for them.

Unfortunately, I am a diabetic, and I have had several trips to the emergency room for low blood sugar that got out of control. God, how much food could I have bought w/ the state money that will pay for those visits to the hospital?

It gets to the point were your choosing between rent, and food. That's like choosing between blood and breath! Try living w/o one or the other and see how far you get.

There is something that snaps in the mind of a mother who is quite literally killing herself for the sake of her children.

Even more sad is there is something that happens to the mind of a child, who knows that their mother is sacrificing so much for them.

I have never uttered a word, and yet still they know.

If it were not for programs like food stamps, and food banks I don't know what we would have done.
I just wanted to share a little. Again, thank you for your courage.