Hunger Action Month

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A tempting snack...

A difficult part of this challenge is being around those who are not participating. While they may know you are doing this, they may not understand exactly what you are feeling. As Kate pointed out in a previous post, "A diet of carbohydrates alone makes one cranky." I haven't necessarily eaten only carbs (a good majority has been), but I have found myself to be a bit edgier and a little more easily annoyed when I am talking to others.

On the first night of the challenge, I was on my couch watching television after eating six bite sized chicken tenders and wishing I could follow that up with a snack of chips and salsa. At the same time, my girlfriend starting making popcorn and the smell drove me crazy. She sprinkled some speciality garlic seasoning on it and ate the bag. All I could do was watch as popcorn did not fit into my $25.

However, after the first few days I have grown to accept the growling of my stomach as something that will happen. I still think about food almost every few minutes, it's getting easier. By the end of the week, I may not be saying the same thing

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