Hunger Action Month

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Farmer Bob

I always marveled that our County Sheriff fed his prisoners for less than $4/day. I visited with the food supplier today and found that their vendors are charging 30% more per delivery, I assume as a fuel surcharge. Nevertheless, the cost of these spartan meals (2 cold and 1 hot meal/day) just jumped a $1. If they can live on that, maybe we can too.

It's somewhat easier to achieve the $25 goal if you still have a garden and preserve fruits and vegetables in season. Making things from scratch is another way to live within the limits but skills to do all the cooking and baking are less common. My mother was good about teaching me to cook so those skills are still employed in our household. Eating out is corrupting the family budget, time together, and nutrition (spelled obesity).

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