Hunger Action Month

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Started.. Oh the choices or lack thereof

I finished my 'shopping' for the Challenge yesterday morning and of course began today with breakfast. My bill was $24.61 and the difficulty was in choosing or prioritizing. I need (or want) coffee each morning and after that purchase, I was forced to forgo something. I choose to buy chicken parts instead of a whole chicken and will have one or two meals of ramman noodles in place of chicken.

The fact that I had to take the time to figure out just how this would play out for me for the week is the purpose of the whole exercise. It is about choosing and sometimes the choices aren't that good. I am not eating fresh veggies and miminal fruit. But lots of carbs. So much for my low fat, low choloresterol diet.

I did not stop at the coffee shop today and fork over my $2.23 for a Cafe' Americano. Never thought of coffee as a budget buster but it is this week.

I will be in touch.

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