Hunger Action Month

Friday, September 19, 2008

A revelation!

Reality is setting in with me. I am feeling sad that I have only $25 to spend on groceries for the coming week. The sadness begins with not being able to prepare my weekly Sunday dinner for my kids and grandbabies. We certainly don't have a feast; however, it's wonderful therapy for me to cook for my loved ones and a fantastic treat for the little ones to see what gram's going to surprise them with for dessert!! Food has always played a huge part in our family gatherings and socializing. Even though I come from a large family, we have always been blessed with enough to eat. This morning on my drive into Peoria my thoughts about the week ahead made me realize, WOW, it's just not about having enough money to buy food. Hunger robs families of many things. When I visit the store with my $25 in hand on Sunday, I will remember all the people in the world, many of them with much less than $25 to spend, with great compassion and vow to continue to help all who fall on hard times.

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