Hunger Action Month

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I went to Normal this morning to meet with a new pantry. They had some fresh apples in a box that a farmer had given them. They offered me one, however, I turned it down. Being more aware of the hunger "thing" I felt a child or senior might need it worse than I. Have you noticed how many restaurants and fast food places there are? I counted 4 Steak n Shakes, 2 Popeye chicken places, numerous pizza places and a bazillion TACO BELL's on my outing!! Am sure they have always been in those same places and I have probably seen them many times before, but I really NOTICED them this morning. Today is Thursday, day 4. I wonder if the mother, child or senior citizen who is hungry counts the days like I have been. I know I only have 3 more to go--they don't know when they can stop counting--it may have become a way of life for them.

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