Hunger Action Month

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where are the fruits and vegetables?

Yesterday my eight year old son and I went to the grocery store to buy our groceries for $25 each. Before we left I had prepared a list of the things I was hoping to buy - chicken, peanut butter, potatoes, milk, bread, cereal, eggs, and a few vegetables for the soup I was making. I put off going to the store until last night because I just dreaded the thought of it. We headed down the aisles and looked for the best sales we could find. Luckily cereal was 6 for $10 - forget that it was chocked full of sugar - it fit into our budget. Cube steak - half priced - another item that went into the cart. We passed by the orange juice, past the soda, past the yogurt, past the snacks. When we reached the check-out lane my son asked me what we do if we spend over $50. I said we have to put it back. As I stood there waiting for the checker to total our groceries, I hoped my math was right. It was - I have $4.32 left for the rest of the week. The problem is that the only vegetables I bought are going into the soup. What about the rest of the week?

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