Hunger Action Month

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free Pizza

Well it only took me two days to get off the plan. I am almost glad except that when you read my meals of yesterday and add my two free pieces of pizza today to the carbohydrate count you might see that I may be in danger of dying of carbohydrate overload.

Yesterday I had Oatmeal and a tiny slice of margarine for breakfast, a hard-boiled egg for lunch and I made my Mac&Cheese-Tuna Casserole for dinner....It was really tasty...I even had two slices of bread with margarine. I weighed two pounds more this morning than yesterday. I had really tasty food yesterday. Does that mean that good tasting food is good for you?

Free pizza aside, I have my dinner cooking, it is a salmon loaf with some left-over chipotle sauce and some of my oatmeal. It is now obvious to me that you can start from scratch and do meals, but, on the other hand, if you do have to start from scratch you will not even eat as well as I am going to eat since I already had some of the seasonings. We forget that you need simple things like Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Mayonaise, Mustard, make most stuff taste good.

Is it right for us to think that we provide food to people through special goverment programs, like Food Stamps, and even through the generosity of our Food Banks and our connected agency partners when we cannot guarantee that there is a sprinkle of salt to season a very bland dish of oatmeal.

Or, to cover up the really fishy taste of low grade Salmon bought at a drug store.


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