Hunger Action Month

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stopped at the grocery store on my way home and bought items for ham & beans.

Smoked pork hocks $2.47

2 lbs dry pinto beans $1.88

One onion $0.59

2 small boxes corn bread $0.67

Carton of 8 eggs $1.29

Ham steak $3.51

Milk $2.29

Because I hadn't eaten all day and needed to leave for the baseball game soon, I also bought two pieces of fried chicken at the store deli counter for dinner. Two chicken thighs were $1.98. When I got home to eat them they were overcooked and dry. I ate every morsel anyway.

Total spent with tax $15.29

As I said yesterday, I went to the Cardinal game last night and saw them drop a game to the AZ Diamondbacks. I also saw people eating brats and cheese nachos covered in jalapeno peppers just the way I like them. Of course I couldn't afford to buy anything but it sure did look good.

Frank Finnegan

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