Hunger Action Month

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Executive Director, Tri-State Food Bank

Going to the grocery store to purchase food for my family of four, spending just $25 per person, opened my eyes to a very real problem that many low-income families trying to survive on food stamps face. I have a daughter with Downs Syndrome who lives in our household. She is 27 years old and works 3 hours, 5 days a week (min. wage). She needs to prepare her own breakfast and lunch, with very limited cooking skills and cannot use the stove without supervision. Prepared meals that are microwavable took a big chunk of the budget, leaving very little left for the other three members of the household. I can see why families, who are living on a tight budget with special dietary needs, must turn to local pantries to have enough to eat. I do not anticipate making it through the rest of the week without going back to the grocery store.

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