Hunger Action Month

Friday, September 26, 2008

I long for a slice of Chicago-style pizza...

My meals have been fairly consistent during the day this week...granola bar for breakfast and two hard-boiled eggs for lunch. My dinners have varied from pasta to chicken nuggets. However, I have tried to stay as true to the Challenge as possible. Whereas, many in the Challenge have taken hand-outs, I have been declining anything offered. I do not fault those who are taking the hand-outs. In fact, I had a great conversation with Senator Pamela Althoff yesterday about how people do things to get by. Those faced with this Challenge on a daily basis will do whatever it takes to have a meal. On the other hand, there are some out there who may be too ashamed or do not want to seem like they need the food out of being prideful. I am trying my best, but have a feeling I will fail by the end of the week.

Nearing the end of Day 4, I hopped on the train to commute home. My usual procedure is to sit down, put on some mellow instrumental music (Jazz, classical, etc.), and then start reading whatever book I have in my bag. I tried and failed. I have lost a lot of concentration and patience due to the Challenge. I have become extremely agitated for no decent reason. Last night when I came home, my girlfriend asked me what I would like for dinner and said I wanted something I bought off my list. She said fine, but proceeded to fancy up the dinner by adding some things to it. My tone came off negative as I told her I could not have the fancied dinner because of what she was adding was not within my $25. I'm not sure if I was just grumpy because I hadn't eaten much, but I did not like it. After I ate, I was cheerful again. It's a weird conundrum.

When I rode the bus this morning to get to my train, I looked at those sitting around me. How many of them are being challenged every day? How many of them receive assistance from organizations like my food bank? How many of them have trouble making it through the day with a stomach that won't stop making noise?

For their sake, I hope none of them.

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